Our mission

Biogemma’s mission is to discover or acquire genes and technologies which control the expression of traits of commercial interest to their shareholders.

These technologies and genes are used:

To generate new genetic variability via GM Trait development

To validate novel alleles or allelic combinations of those genes to be exploited using molecular assisted breeding in our shareholders programs


In order to achieve its mission, Biogemma works with partners all around the World helping us to maintain a strong innovative culture. Biogemma’s innovation pipeline is focused on delivering technology and products to improve shareholders’ competitiveness.

To fulfil its mission of creating new variability, Biogemma has developed an efficient transgenic pipeline. Gene constructs are built in proprietary vectors and transformed into maize and wheat using either FTO or proprietary technologies. The aim is to validate genes in our species of interest within 3 to 4 years and to prepare transgenic events for commercial deregulation.

At the same time, marker-gene trait association are transferred to our shareholders for use on their molecular breeding programs.