Limagrain Europe launches SUNEO brand including application of Biogemma results

December 2013

SUNEO® is a new solution for the European Sunflower producers.

This solution integrates Limagrain’s best sunflower genetics, a platform of Orobanche resistance genes and the Clearfield® system.

This “Technology for Yield Protection” solution will enable Sunflower producers to put more emphasis on the potential of LG varieties through a double protection against Orobanche and weed control efficiency, says Joël Bosson, head of Limagrain Europe.

Limagrain Europe has invested with Biogemma (site of Mondonville -31- France) in a research program for Orobanche, a parasite which severely affects millions of hectares in Europe, in order to find a sustainable solution.

Monitoring, understanding resistance mechanisms and breeding for resistance are the main pillars of the research work.

The development of a patented high throughput screening platform (1), serving our breeding since 2012, is allowing progress in exploring genetic diversity of resistance to Orobanche.
SUNEO® will include the latest Orobanche resistance available.

SUNEO® varieties will be available for sowing in Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria in 2014, and in 2015 for other countries including Russia and Ukraine.

The new brand is: