Biogemma: A project underway for a new model of cooperation between shareholders

 Press release – 27th of june 2018


Biogemma, a French research company in plant biotechnology created and owned by 5 players in the seed business, is announcing a project for a partial split involving its oilseeds and cereal (maize and wheat) activities.

Indeed in a changing market environment for field seeds, Biogemma's 5 shareholders seek to evolve their model of cooperation.

The project should be implemented by the end of the year, provided that all social and legal procedures are completed by then.

With regards to oilseeds, which represent a strong, shared interest for the shareholders involved, the project will update the model of cooperation by creating a shared structure, financed by the 3 seed companies (Euralis Semences, Limagrain, and RAGT Semences) and Sofiprotéol. The research activities would continue to be run from the current Biogemma site in Mondonville, France (31). This new company would place the shareholders in a position to pursue ambitious research targeting a dynamic European oilseed rape and sunflower market, and open up new prospects for seed creation in response to agriculture's major challenges.

For cereals (maize and wheat), the project would result in the integration of Biogemma's cereal research into Limagrain – based on Chappe Research Center, France (63)  which would provide it with a cereal biotechnology organization in line with its goals.

With the separation of Biogemma’s activities, the facilities in Paris would be reassessed. The Paris headquarter staff would be proposed to be transferred to Chappes to bring all the teams together in Auvergne.

The project would protect jobs, maintain current skills within Biogemma, and further all current collaborative projects with third parties.


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Biogemma SAS is a plant biotechnology research company made up of 5 shareholders, namely, seed companies - Euralis Semences, Limagrain, RAGT Semences – as well as cereal and oilseeds chains – respectively ARVALIS-Plant institute and Sofiprotéol.

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